CD won’t make a decision until next week and Sérgio Conceição will go to the bank at Jamor

According to what O JOGO has found, the normal hours will be respected and it will not be known until next week if the coach will be punished. If so, there may be a case of suspension on… vacation.

Sérgio Conceição will be able to sit on the FC Porto bench in the last match of the season, the Portuguese Cup final, with Tondela (Sunday, 5:15 p.m.). According to what O JOGO found, despite the fact that the process has been accelerated by the Disciplinary Council (CD) of the Portuguese Football Federation, no sentence will be pronounced before the weekend, which leaves the coach free to guide the Jamor team.

In fact, an early decision would even be understood as persecutory, according to the opinion of the experts consulted by O JOGO, for whom the normal deadlines, after the disciplinary hearing like the one today, imply a few more days for the elaboration judgment and the councillors’ meeting.

The hearing of the defendants in this case – the coach of FC Porto, as well as the administrator of SAD, Vítor Baía, and the press director, Rui Cerqueira – will only take place this afternoon, being fundamental for the judgment, which will still have to take into account the images captured from the parking lot, as well as the report of the police and other entities. The defense of the FC Porto players was scheduled for Tuesday, but had to be postponed due to the impediment of FC Porto’s lawyer, Nuno Brandão.

In this sense, the judgment should not be rendered until next week, and the decision can be appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAD).

At issue is the episode in the parking lot of the Estádio do Dragão, where Frederico Varandas, president of Sporting, was approached by Sérgio Conceição Vítor Baía and Rui Cerqueira, following criticism from Pinto da Costa in the press room. According to the disciplinary regulations, Sérgio Conceição faces a minimum sentence of one month and a maximum of two years. If found guilty, he will immediately comply with any punishment, so this will also count during the holiday period.

Last week, remember, Sérgio Conceição claimed to have nothing to do with the incidents. “I wasn’t there, plain and simple. I spent 10 seconds with Rui [Cerqueira], where the buses pass, 15 meters from my office. There can’t be a policeman, a delegate from the League, there’s no image, no trustworthy person to say that I did this or that or someone did what is reported in the indictment. I have nothing more to say. The accusation is based on the testimony of five people linked to Sporting,” he said.

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