Chancellor Scholz explains his policy in Ukraine: government statement LIVE – domestic politics

Government statement in the Bundestag – and the hope that Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) finally a clear text on its Ukraine-Politics speak !

The reason for this 20-minute statement is the special EU summit, which is to be held in Brussels at the end of May to deal with the current situation surrounding Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Since the start of Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin’s (69) war, critics have accused the Chancellor of acting hesitant and failing to communicate his decisions. This particularly concerns the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine.

Scholz: “Putin still believes that he can bomb a dictated peace. But he is wrong. Just as he was wrong about the determination of the Ukrainians and the unity of our alliances. Because the Ukrainians do not accept it and we neither.”

Scholz also defended the position of the German government on the supply of arms to Ukraine: “Helping a country that has been brutally attacked to defend itself is not an escalation. But a contribution to repel the attack and thus put an end to the violence as quickly as possible”. Because: “We all have a common objective: Russia must not win this war. Ukraine must survive”.

The federal government is also strengthening Ukraine’s military back, “considered, weighed and closely coordinated at the international level”. Germany will not go it alone and the federal government will not do anything that would turn NATO into a war party.

► Scholz also welcomed the planned entry of Sweden and Finland into the alliance: “I say without hesitation: Dear friends from Sweden and Finland, you are welcome! With you on our side, NATO and Europe will be stronger and more secure.”

During the Bundestag session, which is expected to last more than 14 hours, important legislative decisions are also pending:

︎ such as the extensive suspension of Hartz IV sanctions for one year (debate from 3:20 p.m.),

▶︎ the payment of a new pandemic bonus to workers in hospitals and healthcare establishments (4:50 p.m.)

︎ and a law to more severely enforce sanctions against members of the Russian elite (6:20 p.m.).

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