Chaves player encouraged to let Bas Dost score in games with Sporting



The revelation is in the ruling of the Cashball case investigative decision

The instructive decision in the Cashball case reveals that Gonçalo Rodrigues, who at the time worked in Sporting’s player assistance office, tried to bribe Chaves defender Leandro Freire to facilitate the marking of Bas Dost , for two games. consecutive matches between the Leonine and Flaviense teams, in the 2016/17 season.

The same document reveals that the Chaves player at the time refused the proposal made to him. It is recalled that in the first of these matches, counting for the 17th round of the I Liga, the striker scored a brace and avoided Sporting’s defeat, after being goalless, a few days later, in the Cup match from Portugal.

According to the weekly Expresso, this Friday the offer for the first match was worth 25 thousand euros and half of this amount for the second match. In the same news, it is revealed that João Gonçalves, Gonçalo Rodrigues and Paulo Silva – accused of the crime of active corruption in this process – devised “a plan according to which they would intercede with footballers from other clubs so that they play in a way that favored Sporting, SAD in the matches they played with him, harming their own teams, in exchange for a sum of money”.

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