Chemnitz: cost shock! Energy suppliers expect an additional cost of 300 euros per household

From July 1, the price of gas will increase drastically. The energy supplier enviaM from Chemnitz calculates an additional cost of 300 euros per household and per year.

Chemnitz- Good news for electricity customers Chemnitz Energy supplier enviaM: Despite the explosion of costs on the world market, prices will fall slightly. Thanks to the removal of the EEG surcharge. On the other hand, the price of gas will increase by 18% on July 1. Annual additional cost for an average household: 300 euros.

Energy service provider EnviaM wants to switch from natural gas to hydrogen.

Energy service provider EnviaM wants to switch from natural gas to hydrogen. © Hendrik Schmidt/dpa

As an East German energy service provider with a pre-tax profit of 317 million euros, 2.8 billion euros in turnover, 1.34 million customers and 3400 employees, “we cannot avoid rising purchase prices,” says CEO Stephan Lowis (53).

That is why the group is “extremely determined” on the most climate-friendly path, according to CEO Andreas Auerbach (59). enviaM wants to be climate neutral from 2040, investing 330 million euros in modern electricity and gas networks and in 225 digital transformation stations.

Ultimately, enviaM is betting on hydrogen and wants to produce green H2 itself. 22 million euros go to wind and solar parks, including Neukirchen. According to Andreas Auerbach, the state of Saxony is a hindrance: “We see a lack of space, reduced capacity and long approval processes.

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enviaM is making good progress in digitization and is building data centers for this purpose. Even with an energy in Chemnitz. A brilliant idea: enviaM converts electricity pylons into mobile phone antennas.

Commentary by Bernd Rippert

Among all the bad news about the climate crisis, here is some encouraging news: energy service provider enviaM is switching from natural gas to hydrogen. That’s right!

The East German company has depended on fossil fuels for too long. EnviaM now wants to switch from natural gas to hydrogen. Cleverly, the company will produce its own hydrogen. And that in “green” – this means: Electrolysis is carried out with renewable electricity.

As natural gas pipelines are suitable for hydrogen, the new climate-friendly and environmentally friendly energy source can be brought to its customers quickly. Hydrogen can be burned or used to generate electricity using fuel cells. A clean thing and the energy source of the future.

Too bad that enviaM uses both wood combustion and energy from biomass. The company thus darkens its ecological balance again. Wood belongs to the forest to absorb CO2 like a tree or to serve as a food source for microorganisms or fungi on the ground and as a habitat for many animals.

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