Corona lockdown in Shanghai: robot dog patrols here

Daily food rations are distributed by people in protective gear.
Image: AFP

Our correspondent has long thought that China was the future. Since being locked down there in the Corona lockdown, a lot of things have looked like the communism of old.

DPsychologists say that first love has a special meaning: it is supposed to take away our illusions. In the case of China, I can confirm that. I have known the country for seventeen years. For a long time, I believed that the future was here. But it just turned out to be a dystopia.

In Shanghai, we are living the Corona apocalypse. 26 million inhabitants are in the most difficult confinement known to humanity for weeks. Our beautiful city is so empty it’s heartbreaking. Robot dogs patrol the streets.

The fact that there is an apocalyptic vibe in our throbbing metropolis is making headlines around the world these days. Drones are now rising in front of houses and threatening people on their balconies as they sing in protest against the government. Policemen in white full-body protection press their loudspeakers directly into the faces of the elderly: “Go home!” It rumbles at 130 decibels in an endless loop from the tape. On the internet, someone added a techno beat to the scene. This is the soundtrack to madness.

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