Corona outbreak out of control?: North Korea reports two million cases of fever

Corona outbreak out of control?
North Korea reports two million fever cases

Isolated North Korea is increasingly grappling with so-called fever cases. Despite more than two million recorded infections, the country has so far not offered vaccines from South Korea and the United States. Leader Kim Jong Un raises serious allegations against senior officials.

After the first confirmation of a corona outbreak in isolated North Korea, the number of fever cases in the country has risen to more than two million, according to official information. More than 263,000 cases added on Thursday, state media reported, citing the Epidemic Prevention Emergency Headquarters.

There is no official confirmation as to whether those affected are infected with the corona virus as, according to experts, the country has virtually no testing capacity. The total number of fever cases has risen to more than 2.24 million. About 1.49 million people have already recovered. The number of deaths was given at 65.

“Construction projects progressed uninterrupted”

Nearly 26 million people live in the country. The World Health Organization (WHO) assumes that there have been no nationwide vaccinations to date. North Korea has so far failed to respond to offers from South Korea and the United States to receive vaccines and other medical supplies, according to the government in Seoul. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un initially described the situation as manageable.

Despite the high number of fever-related illnesses, production in agriculture and factories continues as usual, state media reported. “Even under the peak epidemic prevention emergency, normal production in key industrial areas and major construction projects will continue uninterrupted,” he said.

North Korea officially confirmed cases of infection with the pathogen for the first time last Thursday. Pyongyang’s leaders then acted immediately and imposed a nationwide lockdown. Leader Kim Jong Un also accused top officials of initially failing to respond appropriately to the outbreak, as reported by state media. Through their “negligence and inaction”, weaknesses in the epidemic prevention system have been exposed.

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