Corona virus in North Korea: the number of infections continues to rise rapidly

Status: 20.05.2022 2:14 p.m.

Nearly 10% of North Korea’s population has developed fever symptoms since late April. Foreign observers suspect Kim’s government is reporting false figures and using the outbreak as a propaganda tool.

In North Korea, another 263,370 people with fever symptoms fell ill within 24 hours, authorities said. Two other people died. State news agency KNCA reported that 754,810 people were under quarantine.

The total number of cases in the country of 26 million people is 2.24 million. A total of 65 people have died, according to the government. Foreign observers suspect the actual numbers could be much higher.

There is a lack of testing options

“Even under the peak epidemic prevention emergency, normal production is maintained in major industries, and large-scale construction projects are steadily progressing,” KCNA reported.

At the end of April, the North Korean government announced that an unidentified fever was spreading explosively in the country. Since then, there have been new case numbers in state media every morning. It is not known how many sick people are infected with the corona virus. There is a lack of testing facilities in the isolated country.

The epidemic as a means of propaganda

North Korea had to admit the outbreak because observers suspect it could no longer be kept secret that a highly contagious virus was spreading among the population. The government says the number of deaths is too low to simulate a successful fight against the pandemic.

“They say North Korea is a ‘theater state’ and I think they are massaging the coronavirus statistics,” said Kwak Gil Sup, head of One Korea Center, a specialized North Korea website. . Kim Jong Un’s government is using the epidemic as a propaganda tool.

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