Courageous-Marina considers changing her name: “My birth name is Ukrainian” – Politics Abroad

Marina Ovsyannikova (43) was killed after Putin’s attack on the Ukraine by their courageous protest action Russian known on state television. Today, the journalist plans to change her name. In solidarity with those who have been attacked.

The prominent TV journalist, who protested Putin’s war with an anti-war poster on major Russian newspapers, now works as a freelance correspondent for TV channel WELT.

On the program “WELT TALK”, Ovsyannikova said about the name change: “Yes, I have these thoughts. Because my birth name is Ukrainian, it is the surname Tkachuk.”

Ovsjannikova, on the other hand, is the name she adopted when her ex-husband got married. “Will probably (change of name; editor) be complicated with documents. But: She is currently considering change “to simply support the Ukrainian people. Because a lot of people write to me, including a lot of Ukrainians”.

Ukrainians would also have heard of the War crimes in Bucha Told. “Terrible deeds!” says Ovsyannikova. “And I think that might be a step that will help me a bit to clear my guilt as someone who lived in Russia.”

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