Former Benfica coach Alejandro Domínguez is set to be Sporting’s next roller hockey coach. According to the newspaper ‘A Bola’, the Argentinian – naturalized Spanish – is the choice of the lions for the technical mastery of green and white hockey. However, Domínguez does not come alone and, as coordinator of the section, he brings with him Quim Pauls.

“Spanish coaches Alejandro Domínguez and Quim Pauls are Sporting’s choice for the roller hockey section, which will lose Paulo Freitas at the end of the season and possibly the head of the section, Gilberto Borges”, writes the sports daily.

In the case of Alejandro Domínguez, it will be a return to Portugal, having coached Benfica in the 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons. During this period, the coach played 91 matches (won 61) and won the 1947 Cup, triumphing on penalties over Sporting. At the end of 2020/21, Benfica opted to terminate Domínguez.

Domínguez brings company

However, the changes in green and white hockey will not stop there. According to the newspaper ‘A Bola’, Alejandro Domínguez brings with him Quim Pauls (also a former Spanish coach), which could mean the departure – or at least the change of position – of Gilberto Borges, current director of leonine hockey.

“Alongside Domínguez will be Quim Pauls, both Spanish coaches in different categories and with a history of collaboration. Among other relationships, Domínguez was Pauls’ assistant in the men’s national team, before taking charge of the Pauls then became technical director, in a structure that also included the current manager of FC Porto, Ricardo Ares”, writes the sports daily in this edition of Wednesday May 11.

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