Denmark Wind Energy Summit: Speed ​​in the North Sea

Status: 05/18/2022 7:09 p.m.

Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands want to stimulate the expansion of wind energy. The North Sea countries want to quadruple their offshore capacity by 2030 and even increase it tenfold by 2050. Chancellor Scholz called for more speed.

Together with Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands, the federal government wants to advance the expansion of wind energy. The four North Sea states want to quadruple their offshore capacity by 2030 – to a total of at least 65 gigawatts, as government leaders agreed at the North Sea Summit in the Danish city of Esbjerg. By 2050, the capacity must be increased to 150 gigawatts, ten times more than today.

European Commission: Investments of around 300 billion euros by 2030 for independence from Russian energy sources

Roman Rusch, ARD Brussels, daily news at 8 p.m., May 18, 2022

In the future, hybrid offshore cooperation projects are to be jointly developed, called “energy islands”: they are to combine wind farms and power grids, and several Member States are to be connected. The North Sea region should develop as “Europe’s green powerhouse”. Added to this is the production of green hydrogen with wind energy generated at sea. Cooperation must be intensified when the necessary infrastructure is developed.

Habeck: Reducing gas dependence

“This is not just an explanation, but the toolkit of what we have to do and will do in the near future,” said Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), who had traveled to Denmark with the Federal Minister of Economy Robert Habeck (Greens). sign the Four States Declaration.

“Now we are leaving,” Scholz stressed and called for more speed in implementation. Habeck explained: “In this way, we are strengthening the European expansion of renewable energies and thus further reducing our dependence on gas imports.

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