Departure from Petit and Musa to Benfica: “They didn’t tell me anything. I count on him, on this animal” – Boavista

The Panthers coach does not consider him lost to Benfica and sees a “very large margin for improvement”

Petit told Channel 11 that he hasn’t yet been informed of Musa’s move to Benfica and is counting on him for the upcoming pre-season, even though he says so with a smile on his face. The Portuguese coach took the opportunity to reveal the player in question after a year of working with the striker. “They didn’t tell me anything… I’m counting on him, on this animal… (laughs). As a coach, we are lucky to have six or seven players in our squad who have interested clubs, including Musa. I’m happy because Musa, when we arrived at Boavista, we realized that he was exhausted a lot, he was a player who ran away from his job a lot. I pressed everywhere, I went towards the goalkeeper, on the sides, but a striker lives on goals and discernment and needs oxygen to be able to reach the moment to finish with this discernment. We felt he was exhausted when the ball hit him and we worked with him, making him see that the pressure in other areas had to be done by others,” he said. began by pointing out, detailing more about what he sees in Roger Schmidt’s future reinforcement, to Luz: “Musa is a very strong player, very good at playing with his back to goal, holding the ball, keeping the ball and attacking deep. He was a very important player and he still has a lot of room for improvement. He has a very strong mentality, he’s a kid who likes to work a lot, he often goes to the gym and sometimes we even have to slow him down.” , pointed out the chess coach.

by Antonio Mendes


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