“Despite Benfica City, our base in Seixal will continue for many years”

Benfica’s football base will remain in Seixal “for many, many years”, Reds chairman Rui Costa said on Tuesday.

In a ceremony at Seixal City Council to welcome the Under-19 team that recently won the Youth League, the manager gave that guarantee, after a January interview with BTV raised the possibility of creating Cidade Benfica, to house all the clubs of the club. strengths.

“Although there has been a lot of talk lately about Benfica City, which is a project that we will carry out, this football base in Seixal is also our base and will remain so for many, many years. This is the promise I make, because we have no reason to be unhappy with what has been the relationship between the two parties,” Rui Costa said this afternoon, as quoted by Lusa.

According to the former player, “although Benfica is a club from Lisbon and represented all over the world, it is in Seixal that it has its base for professional and youth football”.

“This is where we will continue to work and this is where we will continue to win,” he continued.

In January, it should be mentioned, Rui Costa revealed that he was studying such a Benfica City, a space “to house all of Benfica minus the Stadium”.

In March, in statements to Lusa, the mayor of Seixal, Joaquim Santos, said he had a guarantee from the eagles that the internship center would not leave the municipality.

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