Deutsche Telekom: New prepaid tariffs get more data volume and 5G

Deutsche Telekom: New prepaid tariffs get more data volume and 5G
Picture: Deutsche Telekom

Since May 17, Deutsche Telekom has been revamping its prepaid offer and giving all tariffs more data volume in the LTE and 5G network. The new mobile communication standard is now included in the MagentaMobil Prepaid M, after only the MagentaMobil Prepaid Max has so far offered 5G. Prepaid terms are four weeks.

For the first time a data volume for the lowest price

Deutsche Telekom’s new prepaid wallet is also graded according to MagentaMobil prepaid S, M, L, XL and Max and comes with 28-day terms. The prices remain almost unchanged, but for the smaller MagentaMobil Prepaid S the network operator raises the price from 2.95 to 4.95 euros and modifies the services included. Until now, this rate did not include any data, only a telephony and SMS package in the Telekom mobile network. Instead, data must be reserved via prepaid data plans starting at EUR 3.49 for 500MB. Instead, the new MagentaMobil Prepaid S offers 500MB on the LTE network, again a bundle calls and SMS on the Telekom mobile network and also 50 minutes to call on all other German networks, including the fixed network.

More data volume and 5G access

There is also more data volume for MagentaMobil prepaid M, L and XL, which from May 17 will continue to offer 3 GB instead of 2 GB (M), 5 GB instead of 3 GB (L) and 7 GB instead of 5 GB (XL) for 9.95 euros (M), 14.95 euros (L) and 24.95 euros (XL). The other services included will also be upgraded, so that the telephony and SMS package will be included in the Telekom mobile network and now also in all other German networks. With the exception of the MagentaMobil Prepaid S, all tariffs now also offer access to Deutsche Telekom’s 5G network.

At the top of the prepaid wallet is still the MagentaMobil Prepaid Max for 99.95 EUR with a duration of four weeks. This tariff offers no changes and all included services such as telephony, SMS and LTE/5G are unlimited.

Annual prepaid plan with 36 GB for 99.95 EUR

However, the annual prepaid tariff, for which a one-off payment of EUR 99.95 for a period of 12 months must be made, will be adapted. Until now, the tariff provided for 2 GB per month in the LTE and 5G network, but from May 17 it will be 3 GB and therefore 36 GB for the year. This tariff also includes telephony and SMS packages on the Telekom mobile network and also offers 200 minutes per month for all other German networks, including the fixed network. Existing customers also benefit from the adjustment and are automatically switched to the extended data volume.

For all tariffs except MagentaMobil Prepaid S and Max, the MagentaEINS advantage can be used by booking a fixed connection with Deutsche Telekom, which results in 1 GB of additional data volume per month.

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