Diego Alves publishes a controversial sentence and in Brazil they understand it as a criticism of Paulo Sousa


“May God forgive these bad people,” reads a publication by Diego Alves.

The relationship between goalkeeper Diego Alves and Flamengo coach Paulo Sousa is not very healthy. The Brazilian hasn’t been an option this season, he was criticized by the Portuguese in the last press conference, and the ‘news’ seems to have taken on new contours in the last few hours.

The goalkeeper posted an iconic photograph of former striker Adriano Imperador on social media Instagram wearing a shirt that read: ‘May God forgive these bad people’. In Brazil, these words are understood as a criticism of Paulo Sousa.

But then what sparked the controversy? In the early hours of Wednesday, Flamengo faced Universidad Católica (3-0 victory) in the Libertadores Cup and, after the match, the coach said that, although injured and without training for ten days, Diego Alves had discussed with a club trainer. and asked to play.

“Here the processes are not like that, the players have to train to play. And he hasn’t trained a single day since the game against Botafogo, so he couldn’t be called up,” pointed out Paulo Sousa at a press conference. .

According to the Brazilian press, Diego Alves was outraged by the coach’s statement.

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