Diesel and gasoline prices rise in Luxembourg at Easter

Fuel prices in Luxembourg increase during the Easter weekend

Bad news for motorists in the region this Easter weekend: fuel prices in Luxembourg are on the rise again. Here is the preview:

From Saturday midnight, reports the Luxembourger Tageblatt, a liter of diesel will cost 1.768 cents at the pump in Luxembourg, or 7.4 cents more than the day before. The Super 95 will cost 4.9 cents more and will cost 1.669 euros from Saturday. The Super 98 costs 1.77 euros per liter, or 5.1 cents more than the day before.

Fuel oil in the Grand Duchy is also becoming more expensive. As the daily writes, 10 ppm sulfur-free oil will cost 1,254 euros per liter from Saturday for purchases of 1,500 liters, or 7.3 cents more than the day before. The 50 ppm low sulfur variant will cost 5.5 cents more and will cost 1,238 euros from Saturday.

At least as far as diesel is concerned, the price in Luxembourg is again above the mark of Tuesday – that is, before the entry into force of the so-called “Solidaritéitspak”. The Luxembourg government’s aid package reduced the price of all types of fuel by 7.5 centimes on Wednesday. Tuesday – that is to say before the official reduction – the liter of diesel cost 1,718 euros. Without “Solidaritéitspak”, a liter of diesel would cost 1,843 euros from Saturday.

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