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Small but pleasant: The only 17-hectare Snake Island is located in the Black Sea near a NATO border (Romania) and is a strategically important base. Now Ukrainian drones have hit two Russian ships there!

Satellite images from US private company Maxar show how missile attacks were allegedly launched on Snake Island. Two Russian Serna-class supply ships were hit, one of which sank off the coast. Positions and buildings on the island were also shelled.

From Snake Island came the legendary phrase of a Ukrainian (“F… you!”) in February, as the huge Russian cruiser “Moskva” headed for the island.

Why Snake Island is so important

Strategically, Snake Island is important for both belligerents: the island is located about 35 kilometers from the coast, not far from Odessa. From there, the territory and partly also the airspace of southern Ukraine can be controlled.

Russia wants to establish a position here – with cruise missiles and strategic air defenses to block Odessa from the sea.

destroyed ships

“Thanks to the actions of our armed forces, the ship Vsevolod Bobrov was set on fire. It was one of the newest in the Russian naval fleet,” Serhiy Bratchuk, a spokesman for the Odessa military administration, said of the new strike against Putin’s troops.

The information could not be initially confirmed by an independent party and the Russian Defense Ministry has not yet commented on the incident.

There are buildings in the middle of the island - Satellite image shows the extent of the bombardmentFoto: /AP

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There are buildings in the middle of the island. The satellite image shows the extent of the bombardmentPhoto: /AP

It’s clear: Serpent Island has been hotly contested since the start of the war. Initially, it was still in Russian hands, but in recent weeks the Russian Black Sea Fleet has lost at least two large ships.

One of them was the cruiser Moskva, which sank in mid-April after a fire near Snake Island. They were hit by Ukrainian anti-ship missiles.

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