Elon Musk: US Democrats are the ‘hate party’

Business diversionary tactics?

Elon Musk Calls US Democrats a ‘Hate Party’

Musk wants to lift Trump’s Twitter ban

Tech billionaire Elon Musk wants to overturn former US President Donald Trump’s Twitter ban. Musk said the decision at the time was “morally wrong and just plain stupid”.

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The billionaire railed against Democrats and “woke” culture and immediately suspected that a “campaign of dirty tricks” would follow against him because of these political statements. In fact, the stock market watchdog is investigating him – but for completely different reasons.

JBillionaire Elon Musk wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that the US Democrats had become a “party of division and hatred”. This is why he will vote for the Republicans in the future.

The 50-year-old boss of electric car maker Tesla also denounced elite Yale University as “the epicenter of the intellectual woke virus trying to destroy civilization”. Blaming so-called “woke culture,” which is essentially about fighting discrimination and exclusion, is part of the repertoire of arch-conservatives in the United States.

Musk received immediate applause for his comments from right-wing Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, a supporter of former President Donald Trump and a supporter of extremely lax gun laws, who is against corona protective measures, abortion, same-sex marriage and the switch to renewable energy. “Welcome to the good Elon page,” she wrote on Twitter.

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Musk said he used to vote for the Democrats “because they were (largely) the kindness party.” From the point of view of many political observers, the rhetoric of Trump, who has become the dominant force in the Republican Party, contributes to the division of American society.

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Musk also wrote that a “smear campaign” against him was now to be expected and suggested it was linked to his political statements. In fact, the media has been reporting for some time that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Musk’s current takeover attempt on Twitter.

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Among other things, he announced that he had reached the 5% stake mark eleven days later than needed for his stock purchases. This saved Musk money: By breaking the rules, he was able to buy cheaper stocks in eleven days, because when his Twitter entry went public, the price immediately jumped.

Musk has agreed with Twitter’s board to acquire the online service for around $44 billion. Over the past few days, however, he has accused Twitter of misrepresenting the number of fake accounts and bot accounts. This caused shares on Twitter to plummet. Until now, it was unclear whether Musk would now try to lower the price or set the stage for an exit from the deal.

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