Energy cooperation possible: Scholz promises Selenskyj further help over the phone

Possible energy cooperation
Scholz promised Selenskyj further help over the phone

Despite all the tense relations between Germany and Ukraine, Chancellor Scholz calls President Selenskyj again. The head of the German government insists on the sovereignty of Ukraine. Both speak of defensive aid, cooperation in the energy sector and sanctions against Russia.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke again with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He first offered his condolences on the death of the first president of independent Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk. As government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit announced, Scholz also learned about the negotiation process between Ukraine and Russia to end the war and the current situation during the phone call.

According to the information, the Chancellor underlined in the conversation that Russia remains called upon to immediately end hostilities in Ukraine, withdraw its troops from Ukraine and thereby restore the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. The two politicians also exchanged views on “very concrete and practical options for further support to Ukraine and agreed to stay in close contact”.

Selenskyj wrote on Twitter that he had spoken to Scholz about defensive aid, energy cooperation and tougher sanctions against Russia. He also hailed the dialogue between the two countries.

Russia launched an attack on Ukraine on February 24. Scholz and Selenskyj have spoken to each other on the phone several times since then. Recently, there had been disagreements between the two countries. Due to an unwanted visit by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Kyiv, Scholz refused to travel to the Ukrainian capital himself. The upset was cleared up in a phone call between Steinmeier and Selenskyj. Invitations to Steinmeier and Scholz from Kyiv followed, and on Tuesday Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock was the first member of the German government to visit Kyiv.

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