England could have 7 teams in the Champions League in 2024/25: the consequences of the new format – Champions League

On May 10, the next competitive Champions League format was set, which will come into effect in the 2024/25 season. But despite everything that has already been said about the new model approved by the UEFA competitions committee, chaired by Fernando Gomes, leader of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), there are some curiosities worth exploring.

One of the main novelties and consequences of this new format is, above all, the possibility for England to have up to seven teams competing in the Champions League in 2024/25. This of course always depends on the performances of the English teams in the previous season, i.e. the 2023/24 season will be decisive in which molds the new Champions League will start.

But let’s go step by step. How, then, can England have seven teams in the Champions League? We continue to explain. The top four have, as is well known, direct entry into the Millionaires’ competition, but that number could rise to five if England were one of the top two performing countries in European competitions in 2023/24. How is this calculation done? The total number of points for each country is divided by the number of teams that competed the previous season. The two countries with the best average automatically guarantee another Champions League place in 2024/25. And how can this number go up to seven? This question has a very simple answer. For that, the winners of the Champions League and Europa League last season will have to be English teams and cannot be in the top five. Easy? Not a lot. But it is possible.

Of course, there are three other leagues that can aim for such success, but for 2024/25 the only one – apart from England – that is closer to achieving it is Spain, currently second in the league table. ‘. The other two countries are Germany (3rd) and Italy (4th), but this objective is more difficult to achieve.

According to ‘The Athletic’, citing an official UEFA source, it is “as likely as a meteorite hitting this room” scenario.

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