Evenings in Downing Street: the police impose more than 100 fines

Status: 05/12/2022 5:15 p.m.

‘Bring your own booze’: There were still parties in Downing Street during lockdown. Now the police have imposed new fines. Prime Minister Johnson should no longer be affected.

Due to the ‘Partygate’ case over lockdown celebrations at the UK government building, London police have now issued over 100 penalties against attendees. This was announced by the Metropolitan Police. The number of sanctions has increased by approximately 50 compared to the previous notification exactly one month ago.

The police announced that they would continue their investigation. In total, there are a dozen Downing Street lockdown parties in 2020 and 2021. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is said to have attended some. This would have included office parties, at which attendees were invited to bring their own alcohol (“bring your own booze”), and wine hour Fridays, which would have been hosted by the Prime Minister’s staff.

Surprise party at the office

The police do not identify the recipients of the fines. However, Johnson has made it known that he is no longer a part of it. As the PA news agency reported without citing sources, he does not have to pay any additional fines at this time.

More recently, on April 12, police in the British capital issued “more than 50” fines for the “Partygate” scandal, which also affected British Prime Minister Johnson, his wife Carrie and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak. All three were charged with attending a surprise celebration of Johnson’s 56th birthday on June 19, 2020.

Conservatives punished in election

Johnson apologized. However, he insisted it “didn’t occur to him” that the rally, which lasted less than ten minutes, was a party. The fine made him the first British prime minister in history to break the law while in office.

In 2020 and 2021, due to the corona pandemic, there were strict contact restrictions in Britain that Johnson’s government had itself issued. The lockdown party revelations have sparked widespread anger among the British public against the ruling Tories. The Conservatives lost key districts in the capital in regional elections last week.

Two investigations are ongoing

Senior official Sue Gray is conducting a separate investigation into government parties. In a preliminary report on gatherings that were not criminally investigated by police, she said a lack of leadership and poor judgment enabled events that would not have had to take place. In addition, a parliamentary committee is now investigating whether Johnson lied to parliament about it.

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