Ex-footballer João Vieira Pinto lives in a situation of terror with his family: ‘We panicked because we didn’t know if it was going to explode’ – Nacional

João Vieira Pinto was surprised by a fire in his house, in the early hours of last Thursday. The former Benfica and Sporting footballer detailed the incident which he says was a major scare for his family and which began with the explosion of a cable next to the house: “The light in the house would turn off very often. A sound of the computer printers turning on and off woke up my wife,” he told ‘Nova Gente’.

“We thought it was someone inside the house. Coming down the stairs, we smelled smoke and, when we got to the engine room and the garage, the fire was already starting. Then we panicked, because we didn’t know exactly the size and if something was going to explode,” continued the former Portuguese international, now 50.

Although João Pinto, his wife Ângela Galvão and their eldest son, also a footballer Tiago Pinto, managed to extinguish the fire in time, it ended up causing damage to the house: “He destroyed all the electrical panels, because they all went out and burned. In the engine room, everything electrical broke down, the house was full of smoke, the walls were all black,” he continued.

If we took another five minutes, we couldn’t control the fire, it was spreading very quickly. It was a big scare, it could be worsebut luckily we woke up at the right time. The children were really scared, they still talk about it today. At the slightest noise, they are alert, frightened“, he explained, having also revealed that it was not until the following Monday that the electricity returned to the house.

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