Extinction Rebellion: environmental activists block the center of Paris

Ahead of the second round of elections next weekend, activists in the French capital have occupied a vital thoroughfare. They criticize the fact that climate protection hardly plays a role in the election campaign.

In the fight against the climate emergency, hundreds of activists from the group Extinction Rebellion blocked a major traffic axis in the center of Paris. On Saturday, they blocked traffic on the Grands Boulevards for a length of 300 meters with sit-ins and a hay bale barricade. Many of them had also chained themselves to containers filled with cement. The police did not intervene at first.

Porte Saint-Denis: In Paris, activists began Saturday to block an important traffic axis.  (Source: Reuters/Sarah Meyssonnier)Porte Saint-Denis: In Paris, activists began Saturday to block an important traffic axis. (Source: Sarah Meyssonnier/Reuters)

According to a spokeswoman for the climate protection movement, around a thousand activists gathered in the morning for the three-day campaign, during which talks and lectures are also planned. The plan is to hold out until Easter Monday, she told AFP news agency. She called on citizens to participate in the assembly on the model of ancient Greece.

The movement wants to intensify the protests

According to the group, they deliberately chose the weekend between the two rounds of the presidential election for their campaign. His spokeswoman criticized the fact that the environmental debate was largely excluded from the electoral campaign. “Of course we reject far-right ideas,” she added, referring to next Sunday’s second round of elections, in which President Emmanuel Macron and right-wing populist Marine Le Pen will face off. .

At the same time, the spokeswoman announced that Extinction Rebellion would intensify the protests with “blockades and occupations of public spaces”. The international group had already blocked four bridges in London on Friday.

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