FC Porto are close to securing a second bonus for Luis Díaz

Luis Díaz is enchanting in the service of Liverpool, who secured the Champions League final on Tuesday – the Colombian being the MVP against Villarreal – and little by little he is filling the coffers of FC Porto.

The 25-year-old winger, who was transferred in January this year for 45 million euros plus 15 million variables, has already earned another million in bonuses, for the qualification of the “Reds” for the Champions League the next season, and is set to earn another million from dragons once you complete 25 games. For that target to be guaranteed later this month, he will need to feature in four of the six matches Jurgen Klopp’s side will play until the end of the season – at the moment they have 21.

These two compensations stem from the bonuses stipulated during the transfer of the player during the last winter market.

Namely: each block of 25 matches that the Colombian international completes will bring in one million euros (up to a maximum of five million) and each qualification of Liverpool for the Champions League will also bring in one million for each of the five contractual seasons .

The two items mentioned above correspond to a total of 10 million euros with objectives that are relatively easy to achieve. In addition to these, however, there is another bonus part, also up to five million euros (to make up to 15 million), which derives from goals and other individual and collective goals that Díaz manages to reach.

FC Porto have already received a third of the lump sum

This is the bonus part of the transfer. Another concerns the fixed 45 million.

In this regard, according to Maisfutebol, FC Porto has already received a third of the amount initially guaranteed (without bonus) for the transfer of the player. Or 15 million euros.

Eight million were paid when signing the contract with Liverpool and another seven million were paid a few days later when Luis Díaz signed up for the Premier League.

The next installment of the lump sum, according to our newspaper, will be six million euros and must be settled by September 30 this year.

Considering the Colombian’s strong performance, in the end, the sale of Díaz could approach 60 million euros, which would make it the biggest sale in FC Porto’s history.

Even so, it’s worth noting that not all of this money will go into the Dragon’s Coffers. Indeed, in addition to the solidarity mechanism and intermediation funds, assumed by FC Porto, Atletico Junior, from Colombia, held 20% of the player’s pass at the time of the transaction.

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