FC Porto beat Sporting in João Rocha and have the title in sight



The champions turned the tide in second and were three points clear with four games remaining.

FC Porto beat Sporting for the second time in the Placard Championship this season and were one step away from revalidating the title with four games to go.

It was an exciting game, marked by Sporting dominating in the first half, in such a way that the 13-10 could have been even wider, and by FC Porto responding within 30 seconds, using their traditional 7×6 in attack and making your greatest experience yet.

The blues and whites, author of the first goal but still disadvantaged in the first half, only took the lead in the 38th minute, with a goal from Daymaro Salina which opened a period of domination for the champions. Arrived at 23-26, in the 53rd minute, the whites and blues seemed to have the game under control, but the emotion lasted until the end.

Salina would be sent off for a foul on Kiko Costa, man of the match with 19 goals, and Sporting managed to equalize on 28 with 27 seconds left.

The experience of the Porto players allowed them to control the game later and make it 28-29 again, by António Areia, who left the title in sight.

With 76 points and only one defeat, FC Porto left Sporting on 73, with a draw and two defeats. Magnus Andersson’s side will now host Sanjoanense and Benfica and then visit Águas Santas and Madeira SAD, knowing that even with a triumph and a draw they will be champions.

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