FC Porto reacts to the negative tests of the cycling team



Dragons highlighted the test results and the regularity of the respective biological passports

FC Porto has already reacted to the results of the reviews carried out by its entire cycling team. The aforementioned doping tests came back negative and the Dragons underlined the confidence they continue to have in W52-FC Porto.

“The completely negative results of the anti-doping tests carried out on all the W52-FC Porto athletes and the confirmation of the perfect regularity of their biological passports are positive news which justify the confidence that FC Porto places in cyclists and which open up the prospect of continuity. of the success achieved over the past eight years”, wrote the blue and white club, in a press release published on the official website.

“These reviews also show that the media circus set up in recent weeks by various media, including Correio da Manhã and A Bola, was just another maneuver to denigrate a club and a team that have dominated national cycling with an indisputable sporting merit”, it can also be read.

During the raid carried out by the authorities in the early hours of April 24, in addition to the seizure of several substances still being analyzed, blood and urine samples were taken from all the runners, who were charged, such as sports directors Nuno Ribeiro and José Rodrigues, who were taken in for questioning.

The analyzes were sent by Adop to the Barcelona laboratory, and the results were all negative, and in line with the values ​​of the riders’ biological passports, which means that there is no trace of doping in their clinical history.

W52-FC Porto, with Jorge Henriques and Válter Sousa already signed up as new sporting directors, is under legal conditions to compete again. The next race will be the Volta in Albergaria on the 15th.

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