FC Porto-Sporting: PSP report puts Conceição in the garage mess

The FC Porto-Sporting sports police report, from the 22nd round of the League, places Sérgio Conceição in the confusion which took place at the Estádio do Dragão and which also implicated the director of communication of the Dragons, Rui Cerqueira , Vítor Baía, vice-president of FC Porto and president of Sporting Frederico Varandas.

According to the “time band”, whether the TVI and CNN Portugal had access, the president of the lions was questioned by Vítor Baía, Sérgio Conceição and Rui Cerqueira, and there was some tension that forced the intervention of the police in order to separate the actors.

It is recalled that during the press conference in anticipation of the match of the last round of the League, against Estoril, the coach of FC Porto was asked about the fact that the Committee of Instructors of the League had lodged a complaint against him, Baía and Cerqueira due to these occurrences. Conceição admitted to witnessing the confusion for a few moments as she was going through it, but denied any form of involvement.

“I find it hard to speak, because I don’t know what happened. I was not present, pure and simple,” he began by saying.

“I was ten seconds with Rio [Cerqueira], I saw a group of people and confusion. The bus stop that gives access to the press room is 15 meters from my office and I went to see what was going on. There is not and cannot be a policeman, a delegate of the League, an image or a trustworthy person who can say that I did what is reported in the indictment. There’s no! That’s the only thing I have to say,” he said.

On February 12, the day after the classic between FC Porto and Sporting in Dragão, the lions announced that they would file a criminal complaint against Sérgio Conceição, Rui Cerqueira and Vítor Baía for “verbal aggression and attempted physical aggression”. Two days later, it was reported that the Porto manager was going to take legal action against Frederico Varandas for defamation.

always according to TVI and the CNN Portugalthe decision of the process will only come after the Portuguese Cup final.

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