find out how much Everton are asking



Amorim has spoken about the loan, but the permanent transfer is also on the table.

João Virgínia, goalkeeper on loan from Everton, will start against Santa Clara, leaving Adán on the bench and, at the same time, preventing the Spaniard from completing all the league matches.

As well as securing the young goalkeeper’s title in tonight’s game, Amorim also said Sporting are looking for a new loan. Indeed, the lions also try to give up definitively because they believe in the quality of the guardian. Negotiations are continuing, but the €5m requested by the Toffees is deemed too high by SAD Leonina.

“We will try João again on loan, we are very happy. He has played more at Sporting than when he was at Everton. Callai seems to me that he is not ready to be number two yet. André Paulo will stay ” Callai will play for the B team. He needs to grow and play at the highest level. We are talking about a Sporting who must win the title or it will be a failed season. He will be a goalkeeper for Sporting.” , Amorim explained, revealing Sporting’s starting XI tonight: João Virgínia, Neto, Coates, Gonçalo Inácio, Palhinha, Bragança, Porro, Nuno Santos, Pedro Gonçalves, Tabata and Sarabia.

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