Flamengo president says Jesus didn’t speak to sign for Benfica: ‘It got in the way of all the work’ – Brazil

Rodolfo Landim recalled that the Portuguese coach promised to stay at the club until the end of 2020

Rodolfo Landim, president of Flamengo, assured that he was upset by the departure of Jorge Jesus in June 2020 to Benfica, accusing the Portuguese coach of not having addressed the workforce, managers and technical staff. “The way it turned out, obviously. [fiquei chateado]. He was committed, not only to me, but to the whole group. [jogadores e staff técnico] stay here at least until the end of calendar year 2020. Renewing the contract and then leaving abruptly hampered all the preparatory work for the post-Covid-19 shutdown season and the possible adaptation of “a new technician that we would hire from him, if we knew that he would not stay,” the manager reminded journalists on Monday.


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Regarding the current situation, with the presence of JJ in Brazil in recent days, Landim has devalued. “I have nothing to say about his coming to Brazil. He lived here, he certainly left friends and it is quite natural that he comes to kill the nostalgia”, reiterated the president of the emblem of Rio of Janeiro.

By Flavio Miguel Silva

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