Flexing muscles or harbinger of nuclear war?

Does Vladimir Putin want to demonstrate his power – or is he hinting at a nuclear attack? The head of the Kremlin’s “doomsday plane” flew over Moscow. The special construction serves as a flying command post.

The Russian media has been pushing the subject of a possible nuclear escalation for weeks. For example, “60 Minutes”, one of the country’s most popular news programs, used a map to show how long it supposedly takes a nuclear bomb to reach European cities. Today, a plane specially designed for nuclear war was reportedly seen over Moscow.

This is a converted “Ilyushin Il-80” which was built towards the end of the Cold War. The “doomsday plane” would be the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin and other key government officials to rule Russia from the air and issue orders to the military for nuclear strikes.

Plane over Moscow?

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, videos appeared in which the plane allegedly flies over the Russian capital Moscow. Photos also show the theft. According to Russian officials, the Il-80 is training for the “Victory Day” parade on May 9, Russian media report. At the parade, Russia traditionally showcases its latest military technology. However, this aircraft has not been seen at the commemoration since 2010.

In the midst of the war in Ukraine, the presentation of the nuclear plane could be understood as a demonstration of Moscow’s power. While Russia’s blitzkrieg has failed, more and more countries are backing Ukraine with heavy weapons, and rumors of Putin’s possible cancer are only growing, Moscow still wants to remain in a position of strength.

It also includes speculation about a possible Third World War, in which Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is also involved. The “doomsday plane” rumors fit perfectly into this narrative. It’s doubtful that this has yet set a new date for the end of the world – but the Kremlin leader may be happy to stir up fears about the use of nuclear weapons by aircraft.

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