Former chancellor leaves supervisory board: Gerhard Schröder leaves his post at Rosneft

Former chancellor leaves supervisory board
Gerhard Schröder leaves his role at Rosneft

It is now the case: the former Chancellor Schröder, who has been the subject of much criticism, is leaving the Russian oil company Rosneft. It was impossible for him to extend his term on the supervisory board.

Former chancellor Gerhard Schröder wants to leave the board of the Russian oil company Rosneft. Schröder, who heads Rosneft’s supervisory board, said it was impossible for him to extend his term on the board, the group said. No details or motives were given. German businessman Matthias Warnig leaves the supervisory board with Schröder.

Schröder, 78, a longtime friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has recently come under massive pressure over demands in Germany to stop working as an oil and gas lobbyist for Russia because of Russia’s war of aggression. in Ukraine. The SPD politician also holds senior positions in the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline projects – two gas pipelines across the Baltic Sea connecting Russia and Germany. Schröder is also a candidate for a position on the board of Russian energy company Gazprom.

The imminent commissioning of Nord Stream 2 has now been suspended by the federal government. Warnig is the head of the operating company Nord Stream 2. Among other things, Schröder caused a stir when, amid the escalation ahead of the Russian attack on the neighboring country, he described the demands for deliveries as weapons of Ukraine of “saber rattling”. Schröder sees the decision to remove the privileges of his former chancellor, which was decided on Thursday by the budget committee of the Bundestag, legally revised.

Last year, more than 400,000 euros were taken from the state coffers for personnel costs in Schröder’s office. According to the decision, the former chancellor is still entitled to a pension and personal protection. Schröder himself initially did not comment on the matter.

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