Four minutes per hour started and subscription

by Andreas Link
Disney will also experiment with advertising on its Disney Plus streaming service. According to one report, four minutes should run for every hour started. However, a subscription is still required.

In the case of paid streaming services, ad-supported projects are increasingly being launched. In the USA in particular, several operators are experimenting in this direction, including Disney Plus. According to a report, episodes or movies lasting an hour or less must be shown for four minutes of commercials. Concretely, this means that a 45-minute episode of a series also receives four minutes of advertising. Logically, a 90-minute movie should have eight minutes of commercials.

With the target quota, Disney would be slightly below the level that its competitors are producing in the US market. The fully or partially ad-supported offering from the Peacock (NBC) streaming service airs five minutes of advertising per hour; HBO Max (WB) four minutes. Disney’s Hulu airs nine to twelve commercials per hour. At Paramount Plus (Viacom/CBS), the extent of advertising is not yet clear. Netflix is ​​planning an ad-supported service, which is expected to launch in the US later this year. There are also purely ad-supported models such as Amazon’s IMDB TV.

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At Disney Plus, they also want to try to remain very family-friendly, which the group has generally put on the flag and which, moreover, is largely implemented with more or less success. The takeover of Fox in particular does not make things easier with content that is partly aimed at adults. Advertising on Disney Plus should therefore be fundamentally child-friendly and they should not be harassed by advertising when traveling in a child profile. This is mainly aimed at kindergarten children. Also, Disney does not want to show advertising for competitors.

At Disney, the ad-supported model is still tied to a subscription. Regular subscription is $7.99 plus VAT in the US. No pricing has yet been announced for the hybrid model. Hulu is generally experienced in this area: there is the hybrid model with advertising for 6.99 USD. The ad-free subscription costs $12.99. There’s also the Hulu, Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Live TV combo package for $69.99 (with ads) and $75.99 (without ads). Ad-free advertising does not apply based on content – e.g. for sporting events, sponsored shows or live TV as well as partner/premium addons available in the US such as HBO Max for $14.99 or Showtime for $10.99, which have their own rules.

Sources: Variety, The Wall Street Journal

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