Francisco J. Marques criticizes Rui Costa: “When he came to Dragão, he was 1st in the box…” – FC Porto

FC Porto communications director reveals Pinto da Costa was placed 7th in Luz visit

After Pinto da Costa said, critically, that he not only hadn’t been greeted by Rui Costa in Saturday’s classic, but hadn’t even seen him, this Tuesday was the turn of Francisco J. Marques to tackle the subject, in the program Universo Porto da Bancada, at Porto Canal. “FC Porto behaves correctly in these situations. When Benfica came to play here – twice in December – Rui Costa was placed in the front row of the presidential box, not next to the president of FC Porto but in the front row. “And he was hailed in both games. At La Luz, the president was placed seventh, while the president of Benfica, as our president said, we don’t even know if he was there.” revealed the director of communication for the blues and whites, in a program in which he also analyzed the referees during this championship.


Francisco J. Marques: “Darwin Inappropriately Pushed Eduardo Oliveira”

“Everything serves to question the merit of the team. There was an attempt to create the idea that FC Porto benefited from refereeing errors, even following the goal canceled out by Benfica by 2 centimeters. – referees who in the newspapers assess the games of the big three, and, given the majority bids, FC Porto got five advantages, Sporting six and Benfica seven. Benfica three. In the total game tally, FC Porto lost in eight, Sporting in three and Benfica an advantage in four. The idea they want to create is wrong, FC Porto was the injured club. Braga, with a referee that made no mistakes, we wouldn’t lose, at least we would draw. Our record, which can go to 91 points, would be even higher, more extraordinary. It’s not us who say, it’s the analysts, “he said.

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