G7 countries impose new sanctions on Russia

A US official also announced a ban on providing services to businesses or individuals in Russia. Services in the fields of accounting, management, consulting or marketing are concerned. The United States would also impose sanctions on three of the main television stations controlled directly or indirectly by the government of President Vladimir Putin: Pervy Kanal. Rossiya-1 and NTV. US advertising orders should not be placed with these “Kremlin mouthpieces”, nor should US technology be provided for broadcast.

The US official said the United States would further tighten export controls to weaken Russia’s war effort. Wood products, industrial engines and clearing vehicles are affected. In addition, sanctions would be imposed on the leaders of the largest and third largest Russian banks, Sberbank and Gazprombank. “The message is that if Putin’s invasion continues, there will be no safe haven for the Russian economy.” The other G7 countries have announced similar measures in the area of ​​business services and against Russian banks and Russian propaganda and disinformation.

Sanctions hit Russia

The White House said, “Our unprecedented sanctions are already taking a huge toll on the Russian economy.” Export controls would cut Russia off from important technology. “Putin’s war should wipe out the economic gains of the last 15 years in Russia.” Two important Russian tank factories ceased to operate because they lacked foreign components. Almost 1000 companies left Russia. “Putin failed in his original military goal of dominating Ukraine – but he succeeded in making Russia a global pariah.”

Due to the Russian aggression war, Western countries have already imposed severe sanctions on Russia. Germany currently holds the G7 presidency and is hosting the group’s next summit in Bavaria at the end of June.

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