Glinde: Volvo driver dismantles Tesla at charging station

Two cars in total and a charging station destroyed: Monday afternoon, a Volvo driver hit a Tesla in Glinde. A man had to be taken to hospital.

It struck around 3:35 p.m. on Monday afternoon on Möllner Landstrasse in Glinde: a Volvo hit a Tesla, MOPO police confirmed.

Accident in Glinde: the driver would have suffered a sugar shock

According to initial findings, the accident probably occurred because the driver suffered a sugar shock and therefore confused the accelerator and brake pedals. As he was leaving the gas station area, he crashed into the Tesla, which was charging at a charging station on the other side.

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Due to the force of the impact, the charging station deformed and was destroyed. Both cars sustained significant damage.

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The Volvo driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries. The driver of the Tesla was not in the parked car and was therefore not injured. (cdn)

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