Götze: ‘Roger Schmidt is even more radical than Pep Guardiola’ – Benfica

The creation of PSV Eindhoven was formed by the two coaches and compares in several aspects

Mario Götze accompanied Roger Schmidt in their adventure at PSV Eindhoven. The two arrived in the Netherlands in 2020 and since then the German creative has been praising Benfica’s future manager. “He helped me a lot. I thought it was interesting to see how he adapted the Red Bull concept to his philosophy and how he organizes training and how he wants to play. High pressure, defending the most far as possible, play as high as possible in the opposing midfield… Roger [Schmidt] is even more radical in this than Pep Guardiola”, he repeated in an interview with the podcast “Kicker meet DAZN” after having worked with the two coaches: with Guardiola at Bayern Munich and at the moment he is with Schmidt at PSV Götze has revealed the German coach ‘has something big planned’ for him in the Netherlands and so he decided to try a different kind of football after spells at Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich Finding Guardiola was a objective and it has been achieved in Bavaria.

“I have been waiting to have him as a coach since his time at Barcelona and he has more than fulfilled them. The culture of performance he has put in the team, both in games and in training: it was very good and certainly exhausting. But with Klopp it’s “It was also like that. At this level, it can’t be different,” explained the former pupil of the current Liverpool manager.

The one who decided the World Cup in favor of Germany in 2014, in added time against Argentina (1-0), spoke about the future and assured that he wanted to stay playing on the European continent for now.

“There are no medium or long term plans, football is too difficult and dynamic for that, but my idea is to play in Europe as much as possible and have fun – and then maybe go in the United States,” revealed the 29-year-old who has a contract until 2024 with PSV.

By Flavio Miguel Silva


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