Group president Stromp attacks João Pinheiro: ‘The eye of a lynx has turned into a dragon’s eye’ – Sporting

In an opinion piece in the ‘Sporting’ newspaper, Tito Arantes Fontes considers the Braga referee “the undisputed godfather of FCP in this championship”

The president of the Stomp group considers that the invalidated goal against Benfica during the derby against FC Porto by indication of the VAR, João Pinheiro, “is a metaphor for this championship!” Tito Arantes Fontes goes further and, in an opinion piece in the newspaper ‘Sporting’, classifies João Pinheiro as the undisputed ‘godfather’ of FCP’ in the League which is about to end. The head of the Sporting associates group invokes, again, regarding the aforementioned Braga referee, the expulsion of Coates, to Dragão, after an offer with Taremi – “represented that it was his prank!” “A goal invalidated by an ‘incredible’ two centimeters! Who would have believed it? Who would have even been able to see – even more in a moving movement – this ‘microscopic distance’? and “lynx eye”, which was in VAR! And who saw it… because he saw those two centimeters that define this championship! see and guarantee… first of all because the ball – in the “frame” published by Cidade do Futebol / FPF − had already left the foot of the player who had thrown it But João Pinheiro, we all know it, we all know it, he sees it well… so well that in the match between FCP and SCP, in Dragão, he also ‘saw’ Coates stepping on Taremi and not Taremi stepping on Coates… Then Coates and Taremi turned yellow – represented it was his prank!− virginally absolved! That is – let’s all be aware of this – we are witnessing a fantastic and s simultaneously sinister evolution… the “eye of a lynx” turned into the “eye of a dragon”! And how João Pinheiro, the “pa rrain “undisputed FCP in this championship, played and plays this abominable role!”, reads the opinion piece, published in this week’s edition of the newspaper “Sporting”, which arrived this fair on newsstands in newspapers.

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