Gunnarp ceiling lights and Floalt light panels for a limited time only

About two years ago, Ikea expanded its portfolio of smart lighting fixtures and added Gunnarp ceiling lights and Floalt light panels. The German online store Ikea now communicates “Last chance! Only available for a short period. A strong indication that these fires will be stopped. This was also indicated for the Symfonisk enclosure before replacing it with a new version. To date, however, Ikea has not announced any successor products and similar products are not yet in the portfolio.

Conversely, this means for you: strike again if you are interested in ZigBee lights or simply bet on a successor. The square and round Gunnarp ceiling lamp costs 99.99 euros each. The smaller Floalt LED light panel (30×30 cm) costs 59.99 EUR, while the rectangular panel (30×90 cm) costs again 99.99 EUR.

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