Hackers reportedly broadcast anti-war messages on Russian TV

Instead of information about the current program, anti-war messages are to be broadcast on Russian televisions, media reports. The video service Rutube was also hacked.

According to the media, hackers would use the information on the programs of Russian television channels to spread anti-war messages. This is reported, among others, by the Ukrainian newspaper Rakurs, which cites information from Russian political opponent and moderator Xenia Sobchak. The images are shared on Russian-language Twitter accounts showing TV channels with the messages.

He says: “The blood of thousands of Ukrainians and hundreds of their killed children is on your hands. Television and the authorities lie. NO to war! Among other things, the message is to be displayed to customers of the Russian telecommunications group Rostelecom.

In addition, hackers reportedly attacked Russian video service Rutube, which is owned by Rostelecom, in the morning. Until now (from 09:40) the service is not available. According to Rakurs, the developers had announced that they had “located the incident”.

The National Day military parade is broadcast on television

Russia celebrates its most important national holiday on Monday with the traditional “Day of Victory” military parade over Nazi Germany. Millions of Russians follow Vladimir Putin’s parade and speech at home on their televisions.

The alleged hacks are not the first attacks by cybercriminals against Russian media portals. In February, for example, several websites of Russian media companies were hacked. The homepages of news portals Kommersant, Izvestia, TASS, Forbes and Takik Dehl sported a call to “stop the madness and not send sons and husbands to certain death”.

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