“He is scared and wants to collaborate.” A young man suspected of having killed an FC Porto fan gave himself up to the PJ

Poliana Ribeiro – the defendant’s lawyer – also revealed that Renato was ‘concerned’ and ‘frightened’

Leaving the Judicial Police (PJ) building in Porto, the lawyer for the 19-year-old suspected of killing a 26-year-old FC Porto fan during the title festivities at dawn last Saturday assured that he “is willing to cooperate and clarify the truth”.

According to Poliana Ribeiro, Renato – the name of the suspect – is “concerned” and “frightened” by the whole situation and it is still not known whether he will be present in the criminal investigation court on Monday. The legal expert also adds that it was the young man who took the initiative to go to the judicial police. The lawyer, however, refused to reveal the defendant’s whereabouts since the incident.

“There was a delivery. There was a communication made by Renato, but obviously it was the judicial police who went to look for him in a certain place, after he informed them of his whereabouts”said lawyer Poliana Ribeiro at the door of the PJ do Porto building.

According to the PJ statement, the clashes took place in Alameda das Antas, next to the Estádio do Dragão, in retaliation for a succession of attacks that, since January of this year, had taken place between the accused, his family and the victim. In the early hours of Saturday and during the Dragon Festival, a group of men, including Renato, pursued the victim, reaching and kicking and punching him.

After the intervention of some people, who were also assaulted, the victim tried to move away from the scene, being surprised by the 19-year-old suspect, who, with a large stab wound, stabbed him. struck repeatedly and with extreme violence, causing him to die.

The name of the victim was Igor Silva and had been a football player

The fatal victim was Igor Silva, FC Porto fan and former football player. He was a striker and represented FC Infesta last season.

Having dual nationality, Portuguese and Cape Verdean, and residing in the parish of Ramalde, Igor went through the formation of clubs such as Leixões, Progresso, Rio Ave and Gondomar until 2012.

Igor accompanied the Porto team in the classic Estádio da Luz against Benfica and was also at the Estádio do Dragão to receive the national champions. However, after the celebrations ended, he was fatally stabbed.

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