“He was asking Benfica players not to go to the national team with Otávio there”

Statements by Francisco J. Marques, communication director of FC Porto, this Tuesday at the Porto Canal

Benfica’s decision, known on Tuesday, to seize the FPF Disciplinary Board against four FC Porto players – Otávio, Fábio Cardoso, Manafé and Diogo Costa – was commented on this evening by Francisco J. Marques, director of the communication from the Dragons. In question, let’s remember, these are songs considered insulting in the celebrations of the title of champion of Porto, after the conclusion of the Bwin League 2021/22.

“It was something that should have been private, but unfortunately it spread on social media and it shouldn’t have happened. They want to make a case of it… Always trying to denigrate FC Porto and his achievements”, declared the director of FC Porto, who previously had not failed to criticize what was said on the subject.

“Towards the end of the party there was this image of Otávio and Fábio Cardoso and they try to make a case of it. Yesterday I heard Telmo Correia on the radio, very irritated by it, but I don’t I have never seen very irritated by very light imitating whistles, which are successively emitted by the Benfica cheerleading team during matches with Sporting, in a situation that parodies the death of a supporter of the opposing team. I’ve never seen him censor that,” he recalled.

“João Vaz Frade went to ask that Benfica players not go to the national team while Otávio was there. He didn’t even have to ask, because Otávio was in the national team and he didn’t there was not [jogador] from Benfica. This is what happened during the last summons. I sincerely hope this won’t last. I hope Benfica will have players in the national team again, because they can contribute to the success of the national team. But people who have not been able to say a word about so many things that have happened, this one, very serious, which has caused deaths, and who now come to take offense at virgins in something that is said to the end of the party?” he concluded.

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