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Since the sale of Twitter to Elon Musk was confirmed, panic reigns in the camp of the righteous, the good and the boring. Powerful NGOs are calling for an advertising boycott against Twitter. The German state also has a finger in the cake.

Musk hasn’t even really started yet, as early attempts are being made to stop the new Twitter, in which he says he intends to restore free speech. A hurricane kicks up snowflakes, many of which are huge. And the old media top dogs are also pulling out all the defamation records. the New York Times published a rogue play about Musk, in which he blamed his South African origins. On Twitter, the newspaper summed up its attempt to label Musk a racist:

“Elon Musk grew up in elite white communities in South Africa, detached from the atrocities of apartheid and surrounded by anti-black propaganda. He sees his takeover of Twitter as a victory for free speech, but didn’t suffer the effects of misinformation growing up.”

English Daily mail recently reported on a campaign against Musk, supported by 26 activist organizations and NGOs. These include NGOs founded by former employees of the Clinton and Obama administrations, wealthy donors to US Democrats and their family foundations, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, and governments of European countries. Also anti-Zionist and racist Black-Lives-The movement of matter is involved.

The open letter urges companies to stop advertising on Twitter if it turns the social network into the brutalized “hatescape” they hysterically fear. Musk seriously appears to them as a fascist threat. You write:

“Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter will further poison our information ecosystem and pose an imminent threat to public safety, especially for those who are already the most vulnerable and marginalized.”

The natural idyll is threatened with poisoning by malevolent strangers. Biological language with an ecological note:

“Under Musk’s leadership, Twitter threatens to become a cesspool for misinformation associated with your brand, polluting our information ecosystem at a time when trust in institutions and the media is already at historic lows.”

A turn of pity for consensus reality under threat

Besides the fact that with such ideas of cleanliness they also express their cleaning ambitions in language, the question arises as to why trust in the state and the media is currently so low. Of course, it never occurs to boycotters that the cause could be precisely those censorship practices and moralisms that they themselves want to defend. When claims by institutions and truth keepers turn out to be euphemistic, misleading, or false, people begin to become suspicious and ask themselves: why have critical voices not been heard?

The logos of three organizations appear on the letter. The first of these is called “Accountable Tech” and provides deep insight into the disturbing but also amusing worldview of agitators.

“Democracy depends on shared truths. Social media giants are undermining our consensus reality and bringing democracy to the brink of collapse. Accountable Tech strikes back.

If you simply bring together the waking reality of consensus, the safe space for people who aren’t concerned with the best argument, but the most important sentiment, with democracy, you can also pose as an advocate in mind. lively. As if it were not exactly freedom of opinion that animated this form of government within its very broad limits.

712,000 euros from Germany

It becomes particularly bizarre with the NGO “Access Now”, which has also signed. The organization, also funded by the German Foreign Office (approx. 712,000 euros in 2021), also writes in bold the fundamental right against which it is de facto fighting: “We are fighting for your right to freedom of expression, The right to demonstrate dissent, ensure a free press and defend human rights is vital. Access Now develops policy guidance “to help governments, businesses and civil society develop and implement practices and policies that respect human rights and fundamental freedoms.” Close-mindedness has never been greater than in our brave new world.

What really threatens bourgeois democracy is once again shown. It’s the sneaky aggressiveness of people who are very well connected, organized and well funded and sell their will to power as philanthropy. But they too look stupid when Musk succinctly responds to their admonitions and warnings about fake news reacted: “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” He’s just cooler than her.

So Michael W. Alberts is right when he writes on that things can only get better under Musk. However, this hope is also a source of criticism. Because in reality, no extremely wealthy, now coincidentally “anti-woke” individual should decide the validity of democratic rights – just as few as NGOs. It would be up to the State, in particular the judiciary, as the guarantor of the civil public, to enforce freedom of expression in social networks in accordance with the law. Elon Musk cannot replace the lack of will to do so.

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