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An undercover US reporter has obtained a candid confession of the company’s inner workings and internal censorship policy from a senior Twitter employee.

“Mud fight with poop emoji – Musk now wants a Twitter discount”, is the title of WELT and proves that it does not take the measure of what is happening with what is probably the most spectacular takeover of the year.

The infamous heap icon as Musk’s response to a lengthy and evasive tweet from Twitter CEO Agrawal is just the stumbling block in this “batch battle.” Musk’s anger goes deeper and hits Twitter’s real asset, its active users. But only humans, the real ones interest him. Not the legions of fake accounts and bots that have been the glutamate of political campaigns for years, faking relevance, reach and response. For a business placing ads on Twitter, the costs are calculated based on the number of clicks and reach. No one wants to hear about paying years of unnecessary attention from bots. If Musk’s suspicions were confirmed that not just 5%, but up to 20% of all interactions on Twitter take place with bots rather than real people, a wave of complaints from disappointed advertisers could sweep through. Twitter. Not to mention shareholder complaints that their investment is built on sand and lies.

And then there’s the SEC, which might be interested in the public company’s bogus or embellished annual reports. It’s the behind-the-scenes look that terrifies Twitter. For good reason, as we just learned from a creative journalistic revelation.

Principle of the honey trap

A welcome exception in the American media sector – which has merged with the political sector in a much more complete and sinister way than in Europe – is “Project Veritas”. Slandered by the mainstream media or at best ignored, banned from social networks, the FBI sometimes breaks down the door of founder James O’Keefe in the middle of the night and transmits confiscated documents from “Project Veritas” to the “New York Times”. You don’t like what O’Keefe is doing and you keep letting him know. Funded by donations, “Project Veritas” does what was once the most pressing task of good journalism: investigative research.

The method used is not without controversy, but it is legal and simple. The partner-finding deficits that are prevalent in woke Milljöh are used and lures – usually attractive women – are placed on Tinder. As soon as the honey trap pops up as a suggestion from an employee of the survey target, the nerd is already sitting across from his dream Tinder in a bar or restaurant. Hidden camera and microphone included.

In this undercover format, the decoy is in front of Twitter’s senior software developer Siru Murugesan. In view of the courtship situation, one must of course either halve the size of his statements or multiply them by two, depending on what would make him seem better to the supposed knowledge of Tinder. But the direction of the statements is crucial. Nothing Murugesan says the hidden camera sheds a positive light on Twitter.

principle of hope

A curiosity on the side: in our fluid and waking modern times, “misgendering” is one of the offenses for which Twitter shows no mercy to its users. House policy is harsh on persistent criticism or rejection of opt pronouns. Blocking and deletions are the order of the day. One-two-fix, the suppression commando turns the lever to opinion hygiene and whole crowds of users with pronouns in Twitter bio who are determined to be outraged are ready to hunt down the gender rascal .

So it’s quite uplifting to see that even senior Twitter employees fall into the world’s oldest and most binary trap and let themselves be interrogated by a honey trap via Tinder wipe and match. Big city twitterers apparently engage in courtship with an almost antiquated binary understanding of gender roles! The decoy is never in the photo, but we can assume the lady looks more like Scarlett Johansson than Judith Butler. What’s inside doesn’t always matter. On the one hand, it’s biologically and evolutionarily pleasing, but on the other hand, it distorts all the false virtue of the architects of Safe Space Gender Gaga on Twitter so that it is recognizable.

Worked 4 hours per week

Murugesan reports that Twitter is scared of the day Musk takes over the store. Probably not just because many of his colleagues are political “great link, links, links, links, links” standing up, but because the work environment at Twitter doesn’t match what Musk does at Tesla or SpaceX at all. Efficiency is the keyword that comes to mind. An example: According to my source, the following happened at the Tesla factory in Brandenburg shortly before the opening: A production line consisting of several machines was already ready for acceptance when Musk decided that all stages of work had to be done in one machine. . Do! I don’t care how you do it! Just like that. The groans and eye-rolls shouldn’t have stopped at the companies that set up Tesla’s mega-factory in the sands of Brandenburg. The manager who had ordered the series of machines and was to carry out the reception was fired on the spot and a successor was dispatched by private jet. He arrives in Berlin “by express” and has on him the dismissal notice of his predecessor. In this way, Musk avoided that someone could still cause damage on the way out.

According to Murugesan, Twitter generally doesn’t do a lot of work. If you don’t feel well, stay home for a few days or more. He himself only worked four hours a week during the last term. Everyone is on Twitter „Commie as shit“, as communist as it gets. Depending on what Twitter means by communism, of course. Nobody cares about numbers like the capitalists(ergo like Musk) and everyone basically does what they want. Musk could probably expel 90% of the workforce on the “first” day without negatively affecting operations. The earnings picture is probably more positive.

Like working in the current Twitter amusement park, many left-wing activists imagine the near future when they have saved the global climate and abolished capitalism. Lots of time, lots of money, lots of prestige and little work. They consider it to be the next step in social evolution and forget that even in pink communist theory (“each according to his needs”), there would need to be an inner drive of some kind (“each according to his abilities”) to do these things. abilities useful to society (and of course yourself and for free).

Not adversary, but parasite

Since socialism and communism, apart from the “inner ideological perception”, only know coercion as an incentive to pay for work individually and according to performance, this ideology always fails miserably and in blood. People then like to blame it on the lack of material – people are not yet mature, that’s why they want to do better the next time they try to create the “new ones” who are finally fit to realize this paradise . Basically, communism tries to do the same as Plato, except that the “philosophical rule” of communism (in socialism, due to a lack of class consciousness, a “working class party” intervenes as ruling stratum) requires not only a few chosen sages, but everyone To be philosophers who, as Rousseau would say, “in the silence of the passions” always do what is right and necessary in the right dose at the right time.

Socialism on Twitter, which left-wing movements like F4F or Antifa actually aspire to, works differently. He is the perfect embodiment of the principle that Michael Klonovsky formulated so well.

“Socialism is not the adversary of capitalism, but its parasite.”

Since there is no ideal, selfless human being who does not draw more resources from a system than he creates, any social structure that is not organized in a market economy erodes towards failure. For Twitter, salvation could come just in time in the form of a musky free-market anti-idiot. And all the parasitic socialist ideas, which we know have in common that they want to take root in the blood of communities that operate with words like “redistribution”, “expropriation”, “prohibition” or “justice”, are recommended to do it for a change to try a different biological strategy.

Where exactly does the ideal of the left work?

Don’t be a parasite, be a symbiote! What’s stopping you from starting a tech company where woke gender pronouns are required, only work four hours a week, and still get paid well? What’s stopping you from founding CO2-neutral towns and municipalities, where there are no cars, where the sun and the wind provide all the electricity, and where the daily gender allocation is announced by waved flags? Show us that it all works and that we can learn from your good model! Simple symbiosis! I am joking. If it worked – and history has had no shortage of trials both great and small – we’d find the shining examples somewhere on the world map.

And we would tolerate them, because that’s how libertarians and conservatives tick, while left-wing global rescue and self-serve collectives like the Twitter workforce struggle with the fact that there can be have a counter-proposal, a different opinion, an alternative. “… in fact we censor the right and not the left” Murugesan candidly confesses in the video. This is because, continues Murugesan, the right can support and tolerate what the left says, but not the other way around.

As so often lately, every conspiracy theory that has been ridiculed and ridiculed about how social media platforms work turns into valid news, and one has to pull oneself together not to exclaim with bitter satisfaction, “I I said so!”

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