How Peter Thiel is investing in Trump’s successor

EAt the end of 2020, Peter Thiel saw the moment to expand his portfolio. The investor was no longer content to bet on innovative technologies, but bet on something else: a new generation of Trumpists. Thiel follows the rules he has set for himself. It identifies growth markets and disruptive business models. Only the size has changed. It is no longer just about dominating the market, but about power within the Republican Party. Thiel wants what Donald Trump has been denied: he wants to change America’s long-term political course.

majid satar

Political correspondent for North America based in Washington.

“In a way, corporations are like states,” writes Thiel in his start-up bible “Zero to one,” which will be discussed later. Bad decisions are difficult to correct, perhaps only after a crisis or bankruptcy. The most important thing for every founder is the choice of partners. Thiel has a knack for that. In 1999, during the dot-com boom, he founded the online payment service Paypal – with people who are now known in Silicon Valley as the “Paypal Mafia”: among them Elon Musk, who later founded SpaceX and Tesla; the head of Linked-In was also part of it, as were the three founders of YouTube.

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