How’s Putin’s health?

Not so long ago speculation was fueled that Putin would need surgery in the midst of the war. During the military parade, all eyes were now on the head of the Kremlin – some scenes caused a stir.

The state of health of Vladimir Putin poses a mystery: rumors range from Parkinson’s disease to thyroid cancer and back problems. But nothing is more secret than the Kremlin chief’s medical records, and no illness has been officially confirmed.

Yet three sightings during the May 9 military parade in Moscow, “Victory Day,” continue to fuel speculation about Putin’s possible illnesses:

► While watching the broadcast, the Russian president put a woolen blanket on his knees. According to reports, the temperature in Moscow on Monday morning was 9 degrees – but no one covered their legs with a blanket except Putin. “The heavy ceiling is an interesting detail,” former British diplomat Tony Brenton told Sky News. In addition, the Kremlin boss coughed several times during the broadcast, as we could see on videos. However, it was unclear why Putin needed the ceiling.

► In additional footage from the military parade, it appears the president limped slightly en route from the pulpit to a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. According to the British “Daily Mail”, the head of the Kremlin tried to hide his lameness. It wouldn’t be the first time Putin has hobbled at a public event. Ten years ago, he had trouble walking at a party. The Russian government then banned the publication of animated images of Putin’s performance.

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