“I still have two years on my contract”

Sérgio Conceição has two more seasons left on his contract so that’s not a problem for now, as he has the Portuguese Cup to win.

Sérgio Conceição, in an interview with the Expresso da Manhã podcast, shares the particular flavor of having led FC Porto to the 30th league title and is already aiming for the Portuguese Cup, without making any projections about his future, because “the coaches, in football, you never know tomorrow.” The present is what matters, especially the trophy won at the Estádio da Luz.

“It’s appetizing and the most appetizing will always be next. The next goal. At the moment we are talking about the Portuguese Cup and that will be the main goal at the moment. For the coaches, a way to take advantage of the last title is to think about the next one. I don’t want to devalue anything, but it’s my way of being. There are different ways of being in football and, in respecting these ways of being, I have a way of being. little more nostalgic of approaching victory. Normally, in a natural way, I relax with what I have conquered but very focused on what is to come, that is to say the Portuguese Cup, at the Jamor” , said Sérgio Conceição, who still has two seasons left on his contract with FC Porto, does not talk about the next championship, a possible sign that it does not continue, but the coach has corrected it.

“It has nothing to do with that, it has to do with the way of being, with what focus and concentration is. I have two more years on my contract. Obviously, us coaches, in football, you never know tomorrow, but that’s not the will of the people is what matters, but I don’t even think about it, I think that’s not the important thing. to focus is to work with the team If I have a different speech, I am not consistent with what I say to my work group and what I live on a daily basis, it is this way of “To be, the next title and the next goal are what matters most. The rest will be for after the Portuguese Cup”, he explained.

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