“I trained in the A team of Benfica and what I liked the most was André Almeida”

European Under-19 champion for Benfica, Zan Jevsenak has earned the attention of the press in his country, Slovenia. In an interview with Sportklub newspaper, the midfielder recalled that achievement and spoke about what he hopes will be his future at the Reds.

“It was clear that the difference is huge from the first to the last minute. We dominated the game, Salzburg had no chance. We did what the coach asked and in the end we won 6-0,” he said.

“The atmosphere was great, there were already enough Benfica supporters in the semi-finals. I did not expect that. In the final there were even more, the atmosphere was great. In the end, the festivities were indescribable,” he continues.

Jevsenak remembers a difficult start day at Benfica but now, more adjusted, he is happy with the opportunities he already has to train for the first team.

“I have already trained with the first team during national team commitments. (…) It was great, everyone was very friendly, I had a good welcome. What I have the most liked is captain André Almeida. I was also very encouraged by Helton Leite, the Brazilian goalkeeper, and by Vertonghen, the Belgian defender,” he admitted.

His first-team debut hasn’t arrived yet, but the 19-year-old hopes to have it within the next two years: “When I renewed my contract, they didn’t promise me anything. (…) But I feel that they are serious with me. I have to prove myself in the B team and, if I work hard, sooner or later I will have a chance in the first team.

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