“I was where it all happened and I didn’t see Sérgio Conceição”

Statements by Francisco J. Marques, communication director of FC Porto, this Tuesday at the Porto Canal

Francisco J. Marques, communication director of FC Porto, spoke on Tuesday of the statements by Miguel Braga, head of Sporting, who on Sporting TV mentioned that Sérgio Conceição “went to the press room to lie and pretend” when, in front of FC Porto-Estoril, he commented on the fact that the League had proposed sanctions, also for Vítor Baía and Rui Cerqueira, following to offenses to Frederico Varandas after FC Porto-Sporting, of Liga Bwin.

“It has to do with the so-called Dragon Garage affair. […] It is curious that Sporting, these days, have a great facility in two things. One is to show all the Portuguese the lack of respect towards the main figures of the opposing clubs. Now it’s Miguel Braga who has completely disrespected and used unacceptable terms in relation to our coach, Sérgio Conceição”, began by referring to Francisco J. Marques.

“At the origin of all this, we must not forget that there are statements by the president of Sporting [Frederico Varandas] about the president of FC Porto [Pinto da Costa] and even on the club. This lack of respect for the rules now at Sporting is something to regret and to note. Then there are these attempts to interfere in the course of sporting bodies. Sporting has filed a complaint, a trial is underway – in fact the accusation is even public – there will be time for these things and Sporting seems to want to get involved,” he added.

“The origin of this is the remarks made by the president of Sporting, who went to the press room of the Dragão to insult FC Porto and the president of FC Porto. of FC Porto. But not of Sérgio Conceição”, continued the director of FC Porto. , who guaranteed to know what happened.

“I was there next to where it all happened and I didn’t see Sérgio Conceição. I’m surprised they didn’t mess me up. But since I didn’t do anything, it would be impossible They put Sérgio Conceição and I didn’t see him. In fact, at the end, when he started to speak, I asked if it was true that Sérgio Conceição was there and they told me that leaned against the door. version that Sérgio Conceição always said was true. I swear I didn’t see him. effervescent and then Sérgio Conceição wasn’t there. So I can guarantee it. And you can see the CCTV footage, that I was there”.

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