Implicated in the detention of Ronaldinho: the prosecutor killed on honeymoon on the beach

Implicated in the detention of Ronaldinho
Prosecutor killed on honeymoon on the beach

In 2020, Marcelo Pecci’s investigations will also lead to a prison sentence for former world footballer Ronaldinho. But above all, the Public Ministry of Paraguay acts against drug-related crime. Now it’s apparently his downfall: on his honeymoon, Pecci is shot dead on the beach.

The prosecutor responsible for fighting drug-related crime in Paraguay, Marcelo Pecci, was shot dead while on his honeymoon in Colombia. Pecci was killed on a Caribbean island while on his honeymoon, according to Colombian police chief Jorge Luis Vargas. He spoke of “murder”. Five investigators were sent to the island of Barú. They will receive support from experts from Paraguay and the United States.

Pecci married journalist Claudia Aguilera in Cartagena, Colombia in late April. The two were therefore on the private beach of a luxury hotel, surrounded by other tourists. Aguilera told radio station W that “two men arrived on a boat and started shooting.” The perpetrators fled. A security guard who was rushing to help was also shot.

Her husband had never received threats before, Aguilera said. In the latest photo posted on Instagram, the couple were seen kissing on the beach. Baby shoes were visible in the foreground, indicating that the newlyweds were expecting a child. A colleague confirmed it to a Colombian radio.

Production in Colombia, shipping to Europe via Paraguay

According to the hotel, the “murderers came to the beach on a jet ski”. Colombian police released a photo of one of the suspected killers in black Bermuda shorts and a beige panama hat on his head. According to police chief Vargas, Colombia and Paraguay are cooperating with the US anti-drug agency DEA in the investigation. Police announced a $488,000 reward for information leading to the killers’ capture.

Paraguay’s President Mario Abdo Benítez condemned the act “in the strongest terms”. The whole country mourns “the cowardly murdered prosecutor Marcelo Pecci”, wrote Abdo Benítez on Twitter. He announced that he would step up the fight against organized crime. His Colombian colleague Iván Duque made a similar statement.

Pecci was also known for his involvement in the investigation that put footballer Ronaldinho behind bars between March and August 2020 for entering Paraguay with false documents. Colombia is the world’s largest producer of cocaine, while Paraguay has become a major transshipment point for the drug to Europe.

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