“In my teams there has never been a positive test”

The businessman already expected that all the analyzes carried out on the cyclists would have negative results and defends Raúl Alarcón: “He is still in court!”

The negative results of the analysis of the cyclists of W52-FC Porto, who had to provide blood and urine samples in the first hours of the “Clean Test” operation, did not surprise Adriano Quintanilha, because the he businessman who sponsors the team believed in the word of his riders.

“I have been cycling since 1989, since then I have helped a lot of people, from riders to associations, and since then I have brought certainty: never a cyclist of mine has had a confirmed positive test”, he said. entrusted to O JOGO.

The Porto team was recently without the results of Raúl Alarcón – and, among other things, lost a Volta a Portugal against Amaro Antunes and another against Jóni Brandão -, due to anomalies in the biological passport, but Quintanilha also defends the Spaniard.

“If the two Towers were taken away from him, it was because the federation wanted to punish him. He appealed, the case is before a civil court in Switzerland and, as long as there is no decision, this affair is not over and it cannot be said that he has lost them”, he defended himself, believing that “every citizen must have the right to defend himself”.

Saying he was embarrassed by all the recent events, Adriano Quintanilha also wanted to send a message: “I apologize to all the supporters of the team, of FC Porto and in particular to its president, Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, for all this confusion where we want to put our cyclists and for which we have no responsibility”.

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