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Should he die because of the Iran think he’s a spy for Israel?

According to a press report, the mullahs want to execute Swedish disaster doctor Ahmadreza Djalali (50).

The doctor, who also has Iranian nationality, is to be executed by May 21, the Isna news agency reports.

Djalali was arrested during a visit to Iran in 2016. He is believed to have worked for the notorious Israeli secret service Mossad. After an apparently forced confession, he was sentenced to death.

He apparently admitted to leaking information about Iranian nuclear scientists to foreign intelligence agencies.

A year later, Djalali received Swedish citizenship. Since his arrest, he has been in Ewin prison in Tehran, known for its human rights violations.

Djalali with his family - she had to do without him since 2016Foto: privat

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Djalali with his family – she had to do without him since 2016Photo: private

Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde spoke Twitter of “extremely disturbing reports” and called for the release of the man.

Announcement due to another process?

According to observers in Tehran, the case is linked to a court case in Sweden against Iranian Hamid Nouri.

The former justice officer is accused of being involved in mass executions and war crimes. Nouri faces life imprisonment!

Iran’s Foreign Ministry blasted the case against him as a “political show”. The Swedish ambassador was therefore summoned earlier this week.

Maja Aberg of Amnesty International Sweden said it was no coincidence that Iran announced Jalali’s execution date shortly after Swedish prosecutors handled the case.

Amnesty official: “This suggests that (Iran) sees him as some kind of piece of the puzzle, which is very worrying.”

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